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Holcim Mexico introduces a New Product to the Market

May 19,2014

• Holcim Maestro is the first product to be launched as part of the “Holcim is Your Solution Campaign.


• Holcim Maestro is a higher performance mortar. It is more workable and more concentrated: a new solution for better and higher quality masonry work.


Mexico City, May 12, 2014. – Holcim Mexico announced the launch of its Holcim Maestro mortar, through the new campaign titled Holcim is your Solution. This new product was created for the DIY market, as it helps customers save money and time and protects the health of masons.

“Mortar is cement designed for masonry applications like plasters and the fixing of prefabricated elements, such as blocks, bricks, and surrounds. We directly asked the master builders and masons what they needed and they described the product features: they were looking for a mortar that was very workable and durable. With these parameters, we improved our existing product and developed Holcim Maestro a new product that makes a big difference compared to those that exist on the market today,” said Oliver Osswald, Corporate Marketing Director of the Holcim Mexico Cement and Concrete Division.

Holcim conducted a pilot test in the field and obtained the results of a better product as perceived by the end user, with new attributes and superior quality. It features less cracking compared to traditional mortar mixed with lime, better workability and appearance, and lower waste rates. By replacing the use of lime, the new mortar protects the health of construction workers by helping them avoid skin burns and eye irritation.

“It's time to give our consumer more tangible reasons, benefits, and the tools needed to help them build each one of their projects,” added Osswald.

The market is extremely attractive. Mortar consumption in Mexico is growing at a higher rate than the economy, on average, as it reported a five percent in the first three months of 2014.

During 2013, the consumption of mortar-type cement in Mexico was about three million tons. Holcim Mexico intends to increase its market share with an innovative product that meets the needs of the DIY segment.

The new Mortar Holcim Maestro  delivers value to end users because it offers:

  • Improved performance
  • More workability
  • Superior resistance to lime mixes
  • Inventory optimization
  • Better adherence (reduces “bounce-off” waste)
  • Increased job progress by 30%
  • Better quality and longer durability
  • Comprehensive savings of 15% to 25% per square foot of application
  • Does not damage the health of the end user


In order to raise awareness of this and other value solutions it plans to announce in 2014, Holcim Mexico launched the Holcim is your Solution campaign nationwide.

The campaign will have exposure in the mass media (television, radio, outdoors, and digital media), and include field activations. Some of the activities planned for this marketing strategy include holding the Holcim Road Show and Scheduled job site technical visits, through which company staff will visit over 7,500 construction sites and about 130,000 workers in the country’s major cities.

Field activities will help to directly inform master builders and masons at the job sites on the attributes of Mortar Holcim Maestro. A demonstration will be held on the use of the product. Technical advice will be provided, and awareness of the services offered by the company will be raised.

“Last year was a transition year in which we presented ourselves as a different company with a new value proposition and competitiveness in the market. We came out with a new business strategy, which has been very successful. Today, we want our customers to feel our Holcim is your Solution concept more than ever. We want them to feel confident in their trust in Holcim and in each of our products and services,” added Oliver Osswald in closing.




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